"Love Making Music"

The music will speak to both of you and say:

"Love One Another as if
   it is your Last Night Together
      Music from the heart,
         for Two in Love ... Body and Soul.
            Release your Passions and Inhibitions
               and allow yourself to Harmonize with each other.
                  And then as the Music reaches it's Climax ...
                     the both of you do too, as well."

                                      ... Paolo Amore

The Legend of the Purple Rose
The Purple Rose meaning is often
indicative of mysticism, royalty and love.
It also is a strong sign of
love, style, and elegance.
Lighter shades of purple
can mean love at first sight and true love,
whereas the darkers tones would
indicate a deeper and
long-term love and romance.


Paolo Amore's music will ignite
your spirit of the Sweet Purple Rose!!

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